Respite Care & Short Breaks

As a carer you can relax, knowing that your relative, friend or partner are in a safe, welcoming environment with a highly experienced care team to tailor a package of care to their needs. A respite stay at a St. Georges care home gives many people the opportunity to enjoy time with friendly and welcoming staff and residents. It allows you time to re couperate and recharge your batteries ready for the return of your loved one but knowing all their and your needs will be met in a trusting, caring environment until their return to you

Respite care is ideal for those looking for convalescence, either following a hospital stay or an illness. If you are going on holiday or in need of a rest yourself you can access respite care. Social services normally allow 4 weeks a year if you are a full time Carer at home and you can check this by contacting social services customer services.. Many people also arrange a trial stay as a temporary resident to see if the home is the right choice for them as their new home. This can be met as a day visit with overnight or for a short stay.

We are committed to providing you with the care and support you need to get back on your feet. During the respite period we will continually assess your needs and make any referral required ao the care can be continued when you go home